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The Pin Show 2018

is a collection of reminding oneself that you’re not stuck. That where you are now isn’t permeant that you can change your backdrop at any time. Make the life you want. HOPE is me telling myself this is where you belong – where you need to be. Hope is home, hope is peace, hope is where you go back to - where your dreams are and press continue. Without meaning to I had put my own work and passions on hold which put a toll on me. I placed myself in my own personal limbo. Creatively I hadn't been satisfied. I call this collection hope + limbo because it's inspired by my fears and uncertainty mixed with my faith and trust in where I’m going and what I want from life. You can’t survive in opposites. You must decide - you must make a choice. To hope or to stay in your self-created L I M B O. Hope is my revival.